My Gear


I work will all Canon high end cameras, lenses, speed lights and accessories. Also Magmod modifiers, Polaroid filters, Sony microphones, Ronin stabilizers, Zoom sound recorders. Only the best available.


After the camera, the second most important item having a variety of lenses to choose from.

For weddings, I need to carry a wide angle lens, a zoom lens, a portrait lens and any specialty lenses I that fits with my personal style.

Wide angle lenses for a beautiful church, or a tight spot. For close up shots of small details on the wedding dress, bouquet, or shoes, a macro lens is a must. Prime lenses with a large aperture to get a really nice bokeh effect.

But you know what it makes the whole difference? I have back up for every single item I have, you never know if something could go wrong and it's not a gamble you take as a professional on a client's wedding.