One or two photographers?

How exciting that you are planning for your wedding and thinking about your wedding photography! As you look around at wedding photography packages, in many cases you may find that you can choose whether you want to have one or two wedding photographers. For example, I am a solo wedding photographer, usually working on my own, but if you wanted, you could choose to have my colleague photographer as well, making two photographers at your wedding. (the amazing and talented photographer, Milly Nolan)


Deciding whether to have one or two wedding photographers can be difficult if you don’t really know what the advantages and disadvantages are, so this post aims to set out the facts to help you make the best choice for you and your wedding.

The advantages of having two wedding photographers are:

  1. You get two perspectives on everything. This is particularly nice during the wedding ceremony, as you can potentially have one photographer at the front and one at the back of the church/venue for double the coverage.

  2.  Capture every moment – Having 2 wedding photographers on your day helps ensure not a moment is missed from the day you have spent so much time and effort planning. All the little details and all the spontaneous moments captured as well as all the key moments you would expect.

  3.  One with Bride, one with groom – The getting ready part of the day is so lovely to photograph! The anticipations of what lies ahead, the dress hung up, flowers, your dad seeing you dressed and ready to go for the first time. The nerves and excitement! Often missed is all the build up for the groom. Him getting his button hole pinned on, the ‘Dutch courage’ pint with his best man, a shot of the rings, the groom briefing his ushers etc. With 2 photographers you can capture all the wonderful build up to the special moment. We can also capture the groom’s reaction to seeing you walk down the aisle as well as you walking down the aisle from his view

  4. Set up amazing shots quickly and easily – You would rather not have to leave your guests for 3 hours whilst your wedding photographer takes time finding the right location and setting up an amazing shot. Yes you may get some great images at the end of it but what about all the things you missed whilst you were away from your guests. Having 2 photographers speeds things up. You then get more time to spend with your loved ones.

  5. Different styles – With 2 professional photographers you get 2 different styles, different lenses, different filters. Creating a beautiful variety of images from various angels. (Within the photography style that represent my brand).

  6. More images – More memories and double the amount of beautiful images you would normally expect. You’ll get more candid shots of your guests during the reception, as the second shooter will be able to capture additional natural shots while the primary shooter is doing the family formals and your bride & groom photos.

  7. Equal experienced second photographer (not an assistant). – We believe that the photography on your wedding day is vitally important and can’t be left to chance so the assistant photographer (who is usually there to help with equipment) isn’t left trying to capture moments that they are not experienced enough for. A second professional can guarantee to capture your day in all it’s splendor and all the little moments you didn’t even realise were happening.

  8. What if the unthinkable were to happen and your photographer is injured / ill / can’t make it. Or camera / equipment failure. You have a back up on hand, you can still have your day professionally photographed, panic over!

The disadvantages of having two wedding photographers are:

  1. You will have two people with cameras pointing at you (and more if you have videographers). This doesn’t have to be a problem, and I always like to be unnoticeable anyway, but if you don’t like having your photo taken you might be more sensitive to it.

  2. Your guests might be more likely to be aware of the cameras. This might be especially true if you don’t have very many guests, or if you have a small venue, as there are less ways for us to remain invisible! But it is always our aim to remain discreet and not bother your guests if at all possible.

  3. A second photographer may mean an additional cost on your photography budget. You would need to decide whether a second photographer is going to give you plenty of added value.

As a solo photographer, I am always very happy working on my own, and because I am a bit of a photography ninja (so I’ve been told!) I can cover everything that’s happening on your wedding day myself, as far as is humanly possible. In order to do this, when I am working on my own, it is helpful to be able to have a chat through your wedding day timeline so that I know what is happening when, and also so that we can factor in any parts of the day where we need to make sure that I am able to get the coverage I need. For example, this might mean making sure that the bride is ready early so that I have time to get to the church and capture the action there with the groom and the guests arriving before the ceremony. It also means that I will only shoot a limited number of group photographs so that I still have plenty of time left afterwards to capture lots of natural candid shots of you and your guests mingling and having fun, which are the shots that everyone loves! As I have a lot of experience shooting weddings, I am very happy covering the wedding as a solo photographer, as I know what I need to do and where I need to be to achieve this in the best possible way for you.

You might want to consider having a second shooter if you have a lot of guests, so that we can get more candid shots of them all enjoying your wedding day.

Having said this, there are times when I would recommend that couples choose to have a second photographer as well. The occasions when I would recommend having two wedding photographers are as follows:

  1. The bride is getting ready a very long way from the ceremony location.

  2. The groom is getting ready in a different location from the bride and you would like groom prep photos.

  3. You have a large number of guests (more than 120).

  4. You have a lot of group photographs you need to do (more than 8), and

  5.  You have a shorter reception time between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast (less than 1.5 hours).


My photographers and videographers are specially chosen because they work well, have a high level of photography and videography skills, and shoot in a similar style to myself, so you can be confident that you are getting an excellent second shooter if you decide this is the right option for you.

I hope that this has been useful! If you would like any more help and advice about whether to have one or two photographers at your wedding, please do get in touch and I would be very happy to chat this through with you, looking at your specific wedding day plans.